Lucid in an airport

Date: 2/6/2017

By twilson37

So I woke up from the dream of the childhood home this morning around 11. Thought I would try drifting back in to sleep in hopes of having a lucid dream. It totally worked. I found myself in an airport. I was aware it was a dream from the start. So I immediately start trying to find a good looking guy to initiate sex middle of airport where everyone could see. Why is sex the only thing I can think of during a lucid dream? It isn't like I am a young horny kid that can't think of anything else. I am 47 year old woman, well experienced in the ways of sex. You name it, I have probably done it. Even in my dream. I am thinking this. Let's try to fly or something. Nope, not happening. Back to looking for guys. I am picky and not seeing anyone I would particularly want to fuck. Finally find a young guy in his 20's that would be doable. (Don't normally go for young guys, I like them older, more experienced). He is in a side corridor without many people around. It is dark. Main lights are off but there are a few store lights on. I am reminded of spirit aero hallways on night shift except for the store lights. They did have a settles best coffee though. And there was this one guy that I had a crush on. Would have liked to have found him alone down a dark hallway or a conference room... Anyway...I have spent so much of the dream trying to find someone I want that dream ends before I can initiate anything. My take on this is that the sex is a form of exerting control, dominance of another. I am not surprised to find myself in an airport because I have been in a long distance relationship with a guy in Canada since my husband died 6 years ago. I am not looking for a traditional relationship. This guy is married. That suits me fine. I have a little fun with him and send him home to his wife until I ready to play again. It has been awhile since I have been up there. I always fly when I go up.