Secret Service

Date: 2/21/2017

By Smidge_Midge

It starts off with me at one of my high school foot ball games. I'm not with my friends and I'm not part of the marching band. Then all of a sudden it's time to go. I leave but I can't remember who I'm supposed to leave with. Then I'm at my great grandmother's house with my dad and some of his old friends. I guess him and his friends are the group that I'm with. They don't really tell me what's going on or what we are doing. It's like I'm not even supposed to be with them. Then all of a sudden I'm at one of my old houses when I was younger. They lock me in the bathroom with handcuffs and I just wait. They finally come get me and take the cuffs off. I still don't know what's going on but now it feels like I'm in a super hero-ish movie. I'm with a new group and I am in some sort of space craft. I want to meet the leader of the group and no one will let me. Then I wake up.