The girl, the bitch.

Date: 3/22/2017

By planetlainy

My AP english class and I were visiting another school. They ordered us lunch, which was a 3 course meal which we all thought was pretty over the top. I remember two of my classmates finding this huge bra and putting it on, and then my art teacher comes in and is all "you guys are weird". After that , i decide to get up and stand by the hallway. I overhear these two girls and a guy. The one girl was like "who wants to go to the locker room and see his tiny penis?" The guy looked really upset. He also looked a little special. This apparently got me really mad, and i decided to report it to the police officer in the school. They then decided to handle it. I went back to the cafeteria and I see the girl. I call her out and she's like "fine we'll go to the counselors office. However, she stalls and brings me everywhere BUT there. She takes my teacher and I to this huge game room, and shows us how we can steal the toys in the crane machine easily. I decide to try it out, however she tries taking a picture to expose me stealing, to make my situation worse than hers. I hide the small penguin stuffy in my hand, not allowing her to get it. She then somehow takes my phone and i find hers. She begins to text my boyfriend and then deletes the messages. I look at her phone, and he's in there as "hi this is xxxxxxxxxxx" and the text is like "you never talk to me anymore what". i get my phone back and it reads a message from him saying "*insert the girl's name* is really awesome wow" and that has me all ??????