vacation from hell

Date: 6/2/2017

By umaseebald

some friends and i had gone "camping" in these cabins for a vacation. it was a lot of fun at first, there was a haunted movie theatre and it overall was just a nice place to hang out with everyone. eventually we found out a murderer was on the loose and trying to kill us all. the only thing was it was one of our friends but we didn't know who. he ended up killing everyone except my best friend and i by either brutally murdering them and leaving their body for us to find or drowning them in the lake near by. my best friend and i didn't find eachother until later that night bc we had thought everyone was dead. we were both terrified and had no idea what to do in order to make it out alive. it was super vivid and disturbing. we were running through the woods trying to get out before he came after us and eventually i had gotten to a point where i snapped. i was tired of running from him and giving him that power over me. it had finally kicked in that he slaughtered all of my friends and i wanted revenge. ( it hadn't really registered bc all i was thinking about was trying to survive. ) so i eventually led him back to the cabins so i could try to find a weapon and end this for all. i told my best friend to hide in the woods and i'd come get her when everything was finished. i ran into the cabin and locked myself in and frantically looked for something to defend myself with. before i knew it he was in the cabin with me and had the most disturbing look on his face, like he enjoyed what he was doing. i acted terrified and made sure he didn't see me grab a kitchen knife. he charged at me and i barely dodged him and ran to one of the counter stools and picked it up and swung at him. i hit him and he fell down completely stunned and i continued smashing the stool on his head until he blacked out and then i slit his neck with the kitchen knife to make sure this was all finally over. i was crying and shaking the whole time but i knew it had to be done. after that i ran back to the place where i had told my best friend to hide and fell into her arms sobbing. we both cried for awhile and eventually got back up and got out of there and told the police. what a vacation from hell.