Talking cat baby

Date: 6/20/2017

By contactsilence

Subjects Cat Unknown baby Husband A Self as active role I realized the baby was in the living room and I felt bad I hadn't been spending time with it, like what else had I been doing I don't know. But as I approached it sat up. It was dark and I could hardly see her. I began to talk and asked her if she wanted to get up but I explained she had to wait until daybreak. She understood me and talked back in a full sentences. She said nice things I no longer remember- amazing how I would so quickly forget that detail. At 4 months old she spoke a full sentence which was much sooner than my rl son S who spoke "ohh look at that" while pointing to the moon at 9 months old and not so much as a babble previously. The baby turned into a cat:baby and I told my husband I was disappointed she looked more like a cat than human and I was concerned of this appearance for when she got older. I wanted her to look human.