Stiles and the Shakespeare play

Date: 8/24/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

There was a play going on. Actors were on stage, and I was backstage with one of them. It seemed to be some sort Shakespeare production; they were wearing tights and puffy pants and dresses. The costumes were pretty good. This guy and I were peering at the play through some curtains. It was his turn to go onstage soon. "I hope Stiles is in costume," he said worriedly. "He has to be onstage soon." I left him to go check on Stiles. I found him backstage wearing an old tank top and sweatpants, barefoot. He was carrying boxes somewhere. He also had a slice of pizza hanging out his mouth. At the same time, someone else saw him not ready to be onstage in a few minutes. They flipped and started yelling at him. Stiles said that he didn't want to because he was nervous. I woke up, but I believe the guy who flipped out encouraged him to go onstage.