dangerous game

Date: 5/6/2017

By maliuhh

i dreamt of this game where there was a puzzle in everyone's head and you hAd to solve it, or you would die or something. sometimes you had to find a place, and you usually had a partner. i cant remember who my partner was but we found these other two girls who showed us another puzzle-like thing where we had to look around for bottles or cylinders with specific colors on them, the only color combinations i remember from the dream was like yellow, red, orange, and black. once we got to school (people from omhs were walking around in the dream) we saw someone carrying around a soda bottle with those colors of liquid. we kept walking and found ms orlando who told us to just keep looking. lauren and raul were also looking. this girl said another clue was short people, really short people and to look for them too. a lot of people were wearing things that looked like trash bags, and a lot of people were wearing long red polo shirts, i saw bronson in one. i don't remember how the game started or that much of my dream but i remember feeling like i was in danger, like we had to solve the game, and like we were being watched and one wrong move could end us, i don't know