Quick Ap

Date: 8/11/2019

By nexus

I woke up and decided to astral project so I lay on my bed and let go of the sensations of the physical, slide out of body using my energy method and once I was out I stopped moving to collect myself, at first I wasn't able to see but I waited in my room facing the wall until my room became visible it took a few seconds and I was ready to go. I phase through my door and float downstairs into my kitchen where I look through the window and see a large number of people on the streets, different cars and buses and more people walking around then I usually see in my town. I get interested and decide to jump off my balcony doing a front flip on the way down though I intentionally didn't land it and fell 50ft on my back. I get up and look around and there is no one that looked at me or noticed me falling, I'm now on my street corner and I jump on top of the street sign and crouch on it like I was Spider-Man but then two beings walked up to me I picked up the energies of a male and female but they were featureless, I catch my awareness slipping and find myself back in my bed. I wasn't satisfied with that ending so I slipped out again this time I sat criss crossed on the floor until my sight came back again didn't take long, I then turn to my left and in my room is like another dimension somehow integrated into the side of my wall as if I was leaving the set of this stage and just walked onto another, as I did this my room was gone. I am now in what appears to be a train station with tons of people going about there business in different paths, I noticed no one flying or anything really that indicates they're astral beings, they all are very human and distinct faces that I've never seen, I walk up these stairs and yell out "RAM!" and started floating automatically, it caught me by surprise as I didn't think that was gonna happen but I fly a little over to this room and it's a flight terminal, I see this man going into the plane but it was blocked off by this wall I thought no biggie and was about to to phase through it but I had a split second of self doubt and I ended up just banging into the wall I was about to attempt it again but there was a *click* and I was back in my body in my room, I could've went for another spin but I thought I should right them down first before projecting a third time.