Date: 6/3/2017

By linaxashley

He is there. He's talking to Sam. They have a thing going on. We are at a school. Not our school. Bigger. Location change. Sam is in love with him. I am in love with him. Who will win? The ex is there. I tell a girl with an anonymous face what is happening to me. We are in a bathroom. It is just us. I tell her I love him, but it will hurt Sam. I tell her I do not know what to do. I tell her I talk to him every day and feel restricted. She says nothing. A rumor goes out. "He is cheating on Sam" But they are not dating. He is not cheating on her. With whom? Location change. We are in a street. Late. A neighborhood. There is a car. Police sirens. But no police car. I am new to this location. Sam and Him are not. They are inside the car. The police are trying to break the windows. For a minute the frame freezes. I see everything as if it is paused. Unpause. Sam screams. He cries. Hard. I do not know if he will stop. The picture appears to me muted. Silence but I can feel pain from them both. All I want is to hold him. All I want is to help her. Her doors opens. "Is this what you wanted?" She shows me fresh lines on her arm with liquid red pooling down. I am scared for her safety. Everyone is. I look over. He is struggling to come up for air. She exits the car. She reaches for me. I am not safe. I run, leaving him and the police behind. She chases. I get to a place where she can no longer find me. My phone does not work. I cannot call from it. I knock on a house door. Elders. They are reluctant to open the door. I am granted entrance. I beg for a phone. They grant me one. I call home. Mom. The phone rings for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. I hang up. That's not possible. This is not reality. Or is it. It is so real. I do not know anymore. I try again. I call home. Dad. The phone morphs into her. It is no longer a phone. Just her. She is standing before me, pooling red. She screams. "Is this what you wanted?" I do not reply. I do not know how. She evaporates. She is only a phone now. The call is no longer active. I cannot call. I do not know what to do. The elders are not happy to have me. They grant me exit. She waits for me. "I'm sorry". It is not enough. Both of us know it. I run back to the car. It is not far nor close. Empty. The police are holding him. He cries. Hard. I do not know if he will stop. For the first time I scream. I can hear myself scream. This is all my fault. I did this. The police capture her. She is no longer chasing me. She cries. Hard. Not about him. She cries for herself. I have ruined her. They take her away. I run to him. He cries still. Vivid. I can feel his pain. I cannot take it from him. I beg him to look at me. Slowly he turns. The beautiful green is gone. There is only holes. He is empty. I scream. She is in love with him. I am in love with him. Who will win?