Moving to a new city

Date: 9/1/2019

By LaTasha101

I dreamed that I had to leave school and help this African young woman, her husband, and their new born baby to the city of Oviedo, FL. On the way to my car there were obtacales. First, we had to walk around the college campus in order to find my car, there were school announcements made, there was a crowd of other students, and basic items kept failing out of our hand. Then the car was found. I got them in my car and the lady placed the baby inside an air condition vent, lol, for travel. I took the baby out and made her hold it. Every time I would move out of the drivers set either her or her husband would jump into the drivers seat. I had made them move and told them that I was the only one driving. Then the lady left her laptop. It was found by someone catching the city bus. I stop my car so she could get it. Then in the mist another woman jumped into my drivers seat. I made her move. Now I am ready to transport everyone to Oviedo. I asked for an address to where we were going. The lady just cried because she did not have an address. This dream was interesting.