the wedding with ... nerdy Josh ? 💍💋💏💑 lucid dream!

Date: 3/4/2017

By madnewman13😼

So in my dream... My whole class was in the school library. Everyone was sitting around doing whatever. My crush was sitting alone in the corner. Apparently, I was going to marry this funny but nerdy boy in my class Josh! And also, there were papers involved with the marriage. My teacher looked at me and handed me a pen, "sign here." I was going to sign it, but then I thought, wait a minute! I'm 13! I'm way too young to get married, especially with the wrong guy! Immediately I thought, "I'm lucid dreaming!" I felt so exited! My crush then walked over to me and ripped up the wedding papers. "Hey!" Josh said. "Her and I were going to get married!" He tells my crush. But then my crush just says, "not this time..." And smirks and grabs my hand, running out of the library... Out of the school. "Wanna run away with me, Madeline?" He asks me. And I was like, "yeaaaa!!"😍😍 so, we ran away together. It was kinda funny 😘😆😚 End