Party of death

Date: 5/19/2017

By Roxana73

It started out as a huge party with friends. We were in a house celebrating an engagement of two close friends. In the living room everyone was talking and they started playing beer pong. I went into the bedroom where my friend Jasmine was (who was the one that got enanged). We started talking but she was acting really weird. She was being mean and passive aggressive to me. I asked her what's wrong and she didn't answer. I ignored her, went into the bathroom to touch up my makeup and I saw someone standing behind me. It was this guy I've never seen before but he had an evil smile on his face. He told me that he was gonna kill me by slitting my throat. He said everyone else at the party is already dying and that I shouldn't try to run away or scream. I was terrified. He gave me two options on how to die. First he offered me something to smoke that would numb my entire body so that I wouldn't feel any pain. The other option was to not smoke a cigarette and feel the fiery pain in my throat while I bled out. I started crying and said okay I'll smoke first begged him to wait a little. I smoked and it was almost like an immediate effect. I felt my body go numb, then he said "see? I told you" then he slit my throat. I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the cut in my throat. It was deep but not deep enough to kill me quickly. The evil man walked away. My husband was at the party too and I wanted to go to him. I stumbled towards the living room and saw every single person sitting down with their throat slit, quietly bleeding out. Then I saw the evil man meditating in the middle and talking to somebody else. I looked around and saw my husband. When he saw me he had a look of horror on his face when he realized the evil man got me too. I started crawling towards my husband and we embraced each other. We knew we were going to die and started crying. He told me that everything would be okay and to stay calm because we have each other now. Then the evil man started walking around the room and was gloating. Somebody threw themselves and fell on top of him and grabbed him, then others started to hold him down. Somebody grabbed the knife from him and slit his throat. Then we noticed he had a backpack full of those cigarettes that numb pain and we started passing boxes of it around. My husband and I started smoking one. We were calm now because we weren't feeling any pain. I hugged him and we started singing a song together. Everybody else joined us. I don't remember what song it was. After the song finished I started thinking about my family. I have a 3 year old son and I started crying and yelling that I wanted to see him one last time. My husband and I walked away, somehow got to a hospital and then everyone we knew was there including my son. My husband and I were in hospital beds with IVs and bandages over our throats. I knew we wouldn't make it because we lost so much blood but I was just happy to see my family one last time. We were still numb from the cigarette earlier so we were lying down talking to everyone and crying. After a little bit my husband and I look at each other one last time and I was the first to die. I heard my monitor go flat. My husband was crying and somehow I woke up again. I was dead for a few seconds. Then we held each other tightly and I was holding my son too. The dream slowly fades out.