Digital art, The captain looks out from his beach house loft window and sees the barge-like boat in the background with a young person standing on the sand, in front of it, ready to find a way to repay their kindness.

Barge Captain

Date: 7/24/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm on a big barge-like boat that's going down a river through land that looked a lot like Montana (where I grew up). I see my parents up on a road that runs along the river, and I fly over to them. They aren't really acting like my parents, they're really mean and rather scary. They're trying to make me go back with them. I don't want to. I have this feeling that I need to get away from them. All I want is to get back on that barge and escape. I start flying away, but they keep pulling me back. I'm getting more and more distressed. I have to get away. I grab onto some power lines and finally get out of their reach. They speed off angrily in a car, presumably to catch me wherever the road and river meet again. I fly back to the barge and find the captain. I'm trying to convince him to take me with him, but to not stop at the next port so that I won't get caught. He takes some convincing, but he can see that I'm really in trouble. I'm hiding in the ship, and I can see my parents on a bridge as we pass without stopping. They're furious that their plans aren't working. Eventually our river lets out to the ocean. We do have to stop, the guy has a business to keep after all, but I feel safe enough that my parents won't find me. The captain has a little beach house loft thing that he owns. He takes me there and tells me to just lay low while he takes care of his trading business. He says we'll head back out to sea in the morning. I sit in his little apartment place for a while. There's a bed in a loft, a small living room, and quaint kitchen. Feels about like a Tiny House. Outside the little kitchen window, with its soft white curtain blowing in the warm breeze, I can see all the people on the beach. The house is legitimately right on the beach, about 20-30 yards from the water. It's very calm, and peaceful. I'm tired of waiting around. It's starting to get darker, and I'm pondering how gracious this captain is. I feel the need to repay him for his generosity. I crawl out the kitchen window and step out onto the sand. It's very warm, and feels good between my toes. People are running around, playing frisbee and playing in the surf. I'm off to find someone to hire me as a hooker--so I can give the money to the captain, earn my keep as it were. (This all seemed entirely logical to me and like it was nothing out of the ordinary.) The dream skipped after that, and now I'm back in the captain's house. He returns after a bit and I'm all excited to tell him all about my adventures. He gets angry--but not like a scary angry--saying I shouldn't have don't that. He reminds me that he told me he would take care of me, and that I don't need to live like that anymore. I remember feeling a bit confused, not getting why he was upset that I'd earned money for him, but also happy because this captain was really really nice, not like anyone I knew.