getting kidnapped

Date: 9/25/2019

By camijane

in this dream, it started out at my parents' friend's house (who weren't real people). i didn't want to be there because they always made me hang out with her daughter (who was my age) cause i didn't like her because she was always one of those good, straight-a, perfect kids. but i went up to her room and started talking to her and i found out that she also liked girls and had smoked ketamine that day. she said the smoke got stuck in her asophogus and she choked (wtf)? then we were walking around town and going into shops with damien. at one point, i left the group and this guy (a lot bigger than me) put his hand on my shoulder and started trying to take me away. i was trying to call out for help to my group of friends down the street and a fed-ex guy, but i was losing my voice. then, that part ended, and i had a dream that i was telling my mom about my dream (weird). she was sitting on my bed and i told her about the kidnapping part and she said "hmm..maybe the fed-ex guy represents your dad since he works at fed-ex." and then i woke up