Talking Baby, Lost in the Desert, and Halo Spartans

Date: 7/28/2017

By toxxicduck

Second dream of the night. I was at my cousins house and my Aunt and Uncle had a new baby. I don't remember his name. He was bald and just wearing a diaper. They said he was two and a half years old but he was the size of an older baby, not even a toddler yet. But the baby could speak and walk very well as if he were much older. I didn't think it was weird. I decided to teach the baby colors, but thought "this baby is so smart, he probably already knows all the colors" and I felt guilty for doubting the baby's intelligence. Then I was in the car with three other people, sitting in the backseat on the right. I was with my cousin Ben, an old friend named Sam, and a girl who looked like Kate McKinnon but more our age, who was driving the car. Also, we were all barely teenagers. Tweens going on a road trip together somehow (might add I am 25 irl). Everyone was being serious and forlorn, but I don't know why. It was very bright and sunny. We came to a huge building and got out of the car. It was just a pit stop on the way to our destination. The surrounding area was very cliffy and just sagebrush and crabgrass, just like in Idaho, where I grew up, and the building was in the same place as a certain abandoned factory I went to there. The building was like a college building though, HUGE and clean and had kind of a 70s-80s architectural design to it. It was empty of people. In fact there were no other people in this dream at all, except for the Halo Spartans at the end. We went to the roof of the building where we played a board game or something. I don't remember what it was, but it felt like we were gambling, and we ended up with a $50 bill. Kate was holding the bill and I told her we should give it to my Aunt and Uncle to help them pay for their smart baby expenses (which is stupid because my aunt and uncle are rich and my own family is stinking poor). We headed back to the car, but somehow Sam and I became separated from the other two. We were no longer at the building, but in a hilly subdivision that looked like a Portland neighborhood, but still deserty dry crabgrass like Idaho. We walked around, trying to find our way back to the building. We walked by one house that had a bunch of huskies in the front yard. I felt bad for them. They were all panting in the heat, and I thought it was pretty cruel of the owner to force huskies to live in such an arid environment. As we walked by, one of the huskies got up and ran ahead of us up the street, we followed it up a hill. Then Sam and I were just sitting at a small cowboy style campfire on some rocks. We were under a small cliff and were actually IN the desert now. The ground was sand and the brush was all sagebrush and even juniper trees. There was a small trail going past our makeshift campsite. I was feeling romantic toward Sam (who I did actually "date" in 8th grade, though I don't count what 13 year olds do together as dating lol). I was keeping my feelings a secret though and just kind of wistfully thinking about it. We were talking about stuff I don't remember, but I think it had something to do with our plans for later. I did get a protective sense from him and I think thats what he may have been talking about. I just felt like Sam was being noble in going through great lengths to protect me. Finally we were back at the college building. We were across the parking lot from the others and walking over. I had a really bad ominous feeling and stopped and looked around. I looked at the building, through its windows, expecting to see ghosts, but I saw nothing. When I turned back toward the parking lot, the car had turned into a huge helicopter and it was suddenly nighttime. Men and women dressed as Halo Spartans were ushering Ben and Kate on to the chopper in a really friendly way. Everything was kind of frightening and confusing. As soon as I joined the others in the helicopter with Sam, the Spartans suddenly began to throw these technological box things over the others' heads to capture them. I watched in horror as I realized we had been tricked and were 'finally' being captured, just then remembering that we had been on the run from the government and they finally caught us. I woke up before one of the box things was shoved onto me.