drive away

Date: 6/13/2017

By jazzyfaae

i was at Wal-Mart or Sephora and so i think i was single and ready to mingle and i was lookin all nice and so i was looking around and i see this tall nerdy guy but he's handsome like hes really cute to be a nerd and he said something to me . and then we had a conversation and he was telling about how hes in buisness like hes buisness man and then he was tryna get at me and i like well you know well sometime its fun to have somebody by your side and then he was like well see i am very controlling and i said so thst dosent matter i like that and he smilied and was like get everything you want and i did and i was happy. ya know and so me n him were like cleaning his room he was showing me stuff then i left then my dream switched up to another dream where i was driving but in the passenger seat and my sister was sitting where the brakes were and i was driving wit friends and listing to music and i see my ex and i said HI GIO and he says hi but i turn around and drive back n buy pizza for all of us and me n him are not even talking cause he kinda hates me i think and so i tell my sister that i needa sit where the brakes are she argues with me but eventually lets me then thats really is we just drive .