Kissing mgk in grocery store day 1

Date: 8/9/2019

By lyss

It started that I was going to bowling practice and I had seen my ex max and I had gotten mad at my mom so I walked out. It then changed to like a grocery store and my friend joe was there and he was all sorts of mad because he would make up an excuse not to hang out but was pinning it all on me. (He was talking to brennen in the beginning) He and I kept getting closer and I backed up into a wall and then he and I were touching, like his body was touching mine, and he leaned into kiss me and I kissed back, but his lips were pushed so hard together that there was nothing to kiss so when my top lip hit his I kinda laughed and then I just kept walking around the grocery store. Mgk then walked in while I was at the register and we locked eyes and I walked over to him and put my hands on his chest, he was wearing a jacket, and like a mesh shirt. So I was touching his body and his hands were all over me and he was singing and then he leaned in for a kiss and it was magical, like literally felt like the perfect kiss, he then started to guide my hands down into his pants, and I declined. He wasn’t mad, he just accepted it and moved on with his day. I then saw him later in a park but remember what happened