Date: 5/9/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So this dream is made up of three parts. The first one I was at school, in a very, very dark classroom, it looked like mine but it was smaller and there were only a few people and the teacher. I was doing an oral test with my italian teacher, Peretti, I was aiming for at least an 8.so the text I was analyzing was in latin and it was projected on the wall (I guess that's why the room was so dark) but it wasn't going nicely, the other girl, Caroline (usually a very kind and nice girl) was almost making fun of me because of it. In the end my mark was 7 and I was so disappointed. Then I found myself at a supermarket, or a shop, which is an usual place in my dreams (though I've never been to this one before). I was with my parents and the thing I remember the most is a tall cylindrical bottle with some yellow/gold liquid in it and a golden halo on top. They said it represented an angel. It was quite tall and there were a lot of them. They didn't stand straight, so you were afraid of accidentally damage them. Then the scene moved to a little town which I identified with Caprarola though it was completely different. I remember clearly I'd been there before, to the point I perfectly knew where I was going, there was a liberty house I had already seen and I was with my parents, my cousin and another girl from my family. I was listening to my mp3 (strange because I gave that to my sister and now I listen to music on the phone) and my cousin was playing a game on the phone. All the kids that we encountered seemed to be playing that game. He had that bitchy but then kind attitude towards me. At a certain point he gave me something like a little cap (of a pen) and told me it was for taking care of something. He smiled. We reached the group we apparently were with. There was my ex gym instructor. They were listening to a song named something with the word "tigre" in it (which means tiger) I think I know that song, it was an old one, it was about school. We were on a boat in a little pool-like thing while they were literally just next to us sitting at a bar. The song was about school but we misunderstood and it kind of led us to flirt. At a certain point it said something about holding someone tight from its waist. The boat collapsed and my cousin saved me. Everyone laughed at us. In that moment I remembered that the song was there in the other two part of the dreams, linking them somehow.