homeschool madness

Date: 2/12/2017

By mialovessims23

(Sorry for typos) I dreamt that I was getting homeschooled. I went to the bus stop, and went to school. However since o was supposed to be getting schooled online, I called my mom when I got there to pick me up. In the meantime, I wandered around and looked at an angry gym coach and looks at the gym and saw people playing basketball and walked away. My mom appeared and we went down a tiny hill and went to our car. We went home and I didn't do anything. All of a sudden it was the next day and I went the same time till 11 and started to walk home. On the way, I stopped at McDonald's and went in. I looked at condiments not knowing why I went there and the turned and walked toward the tables and saw my dad. We briefly said hello. When I went in the back of store, I saw puppies and cats in a shelf in boxes. I went to a car, talked to it in a baby voice. It jumped out of the box and started to play with me. Afterwards, said started to walk home again. When I got there, I went on the computer and googled words for the school that my dad yelled at me. It didn't work and I ended up at a 7th grade school and then all of a sudden a sticky note with logging info was next to me. I went to the actual link and started. It was an art class and I wasn't doing much except watch. It was like a YouTube speed art, like the ihasvupquake one I watched before bed. I picked purple hair like her, and did EYES and such.then clad was over and I had to do a quiz on words that didn't make sense at all. I had to click dots that matched up to the word somehow. Then I could pick photos for words and I heard Shane Dawson narrating it. He was saying what I was doing and I picked a filter for a photo of him and ryland and he didn't like it so he found a filter that talked and was very creepy. Then it turned into backgrounds for my phone, even though I was on a computer. There were very creepy 'themes' and I exited out of the apps. The rest is fuzzy as I was starting to wake up, and I kinda remember picking dresses for a butler as a class? I had just watched the Lego batman movie recently and it had a scene similar. Then I don't remember after that. Then I woke up. (Note: I'm starting homeschool for the first time tomorrow so that may be a factor)