Really strange dream

Date: 3/20/2017

By AngelicOtaku

I was at my school in class and I had this book next to me and this girl walked up and took it. Switches to a scene where I'm with my friends walking through the hall and one of them is telling me he's been hearing whispers. Switches to a scene where everyone at the school is sleeping in this giant room in sleeping bags. One of my friends is sleeping with his father and invisible hands or somethings drags him out of the sleeping bag, out of his dads arms, and down the hallway. Me and his dad somehow knew this was going to happen so that night we tried to come up with a plan. Switches scene to being back in class again. I remember the girl stole my important book. I saw her in the hall and she turned the corner and I lost her. That moment replayed a couple times until I was able to catch up to her. She goes into her classroom and I follow her in. Apparently I'm in 4th grade and she is in 5th grade even though we had the bodies of 15 - 16 year old teenagers. I went to her desk and talked to her and she said that she wouldn't give it back. I proceed to go up to the teacher and tell her that the girl stole my book. The teacher tell a me that I need to do something first and tells me to find and color several different pairs of glasses. At that moment I knew she was with the enemy. She wasn't just some teacher, maybe she was a creature, I didn't know, all I knew is that she was with the enemy. Switches scene to me and the kids dad (whose kid had been stolen) out in the parkinglot of the school. Me and him see somebody. A humanoid creature. And start fighting it. It grabs me with its tentacle arms and tries to drown me in a bunch of water but somehow I'm immune to it. (I realized I was immune because of another fight I had). The dad joins the fight and kicks the creature and it goes flying. We keep fighting until the creature is almost dead. He almost dead and laying on the ground when he tries to trip the dad but the dad kicks the leg again and breaks it. The creature uses his other leg to try and get behind me in some sort of choke but fails. We killed him. Switches scene to me and two other unknown people. Third person view. Able to zoom out and zoom in. Were on a big structure and I'm trying to jump to another structure but the other people spawn some short of ship in and it gets stuck in the structure I was currently on. I jump to the other building. Dream Ends