Asylum chase

Date: 3/24/2019

By WolfGirl

I was in a huge asylum like building, I lived there with whole community of people. One day I walked into an office late at night and saw a dark, lanky Tim Burton looking figure and was instantly terrified. I fell against the desk in fear, I recognised him as a notorious evil killer who murders without reason or mercy. He was the reason we weren't allowed to leave the asylum, we had always been told that we were safe in here, we had everything we needed to survive. I ran out of the room and down the corridor. As I ran the people who stared at me began to melt away and morph into him and I realised it was all a lie. The people I had lived with and loved for so many years weren't real, it had been him the entire time. They were just drones. Somehow I knew that The dark figure was my father, and that he had done all this to keep me here so that I could become his heir. The further I ran the asylum changed into a shopping centre, with a hanging display of rings in the centre of ceiling that spiralled down to one of the floors. I ran until I found the lifts, the drones chasing me. I swerved for one lift as the doors opened but there was a woman in there and I recognised her as a drone. She begun chasing me so i had to scramble away, I ducked and swerved them until another loft opened its doors. I pressed the tenth floor and they all shouted for me not to go to the tenth floor and tried to stop me. Suddenly just as the doors were almost closed a small child sized drop grabbed my legs and stopped the doors from closing. I tried pulling my leg away and the doors where opening again. There wasn't a close the doors or open them button so I chucked the drone as hard as I could off my leg and pressed the tenth floor button to close the doors. I leant against the wall of lift, absorbing everything. I had loved these people, they were my family. My best friends. Suddenly the loft shuddered to a stop and error warning popped up on the lift screen. It was him, he had shut down the system. I was trapped. My emotions triggered the magic in my blood and I accidentally teleported myself to the spiral display, but the transportation ripped parts of the lift with me and they fell as I landed on the spiral, giving me away. I ran down the spiral but a drone jumped at me and I fell, sliding to the floor. As I landed in the floor I caught the drones head to stop it from smashing on the hard floor as it was glass. Then I was surrounded by drones trying to hold me down. I thrashed and tried to fight but they put a breathing mask over my mouth and nose and I began to feel drowsy from the gas. As I passed out I saw the hand holding the mask wasn't a drone. I touched the old hand, the soft skin wrinkled and muttered "hand" in confusion. I looked up and saw an old man smiling down at me reassuringly, he was human, not a drone. I reached up and touched his fave, muttering something like "human face" and then blacked out from the sleeping gas.