This Isn't the Camp We Were Looking For

Date: 3/7/2017

By katjbooson

My boyfriend David, a few people from my Theater Department, and I heard about this fancy prestigious ivy league type camp, and we all signed up to go. When I got there, a lady who reminded me of Kathy Bates greeted me and brought me inside to my room where there was a weird futuristic bath tub. I asked her, "This is the presidential club right?" and she said "oh yes, but I don't think it's what you'll expect" and laughed as she was directing me to get into the bath tub. It was scalding hot, so I shrieked and jumped away. She laughed and said something like "get used to that sweetie, you're going to be enduring a lot of pain for the next week" in a creepy ass voice and left. I met up with David in the hall and told him everything, that this woman was basically using us as her own torturous entertainment. Then the theater people showed up and I told them and they started to panic. Jump to the lunch hall where I learned that because I was a premium member, I got candy with my slop food. The people who weren't premium were basically starved. At one point one of the guys took his shirt off? And he was talking about like "sometimes I just wanna take all my clothes off you know" and I was like "whoa man like okay me too but maybe don't do that." And I left. Then I was woken up.