The kiss from the ex.

Date: 6/10/2017

By planetlainy

My ex boyfriend wanted to stop over. He did, we drove around for a bit, but then once we got out of the car, i went in for a hug. He looked at me and said, "you don't wanna do this instead?" and attempted to kiss me. I stopped him and said "I didn't think YOU wanted to do this" and he responds, "this is better than that" and he kissed me. After kissing, I ask him what this makes us again, wondering and hoping to be back together. He looks at me and responds that this is nothing. He has another girlfriend now apparently. We just did that for fun. After that, i stormed into my house. Apparently there was some big event going on outside my front lawn where everyone from school was there. I went inside but kept going out. I noticed my ex was the photographer for this event and this is when i started to play tricks and give him the cold shoulder and such.