Lucid Experience

Date: 7/30/2017

By kyle_chandler

I don't know when or how I became lucid, as I don't remember any regular dream before this. I spent the first majority of this lucid dream in blackness, and felt like I was floating through several different spaces, none of which I could see. At one point I was in a space with very strong winds and I could hear and feel them. This went on for what felt like a very long time, floating through voids of blackness. Then a male voice began giving me what were clearly instructions on how to improve my life. The problem was while they were clearly instructions, they were not clearly stated, and many of them I had trouble understanding. I think this is my subconscious's way of telling me that I am not getting its messages clearly or that I'm misunderstanding them. The only one that I could make out clearly was "Do not lie to your friends". And then after the voice was done, I said "What?" And a female voice responded something along the lines of "It works, everyone else does it." As if to reassure me. But I still didn't know what the voice said. I thought this voice could have also been the master Adriana spoke of and that feels right. After this I floated around some more and eventually felt the sensation of falling. I became annoyed that nothing was happening, but I think that nothing happening was a good thing and I didn't realize it. I haven't lucid dreamed in a while. Anyways, I focused hard and made the blue grid appear below me and I fell towards it at free fall speed and as I approached it, a ground of grass and dirt populated it and I touched down. I was laying on the ground, and very careful not to move my real limbs and wake up, only using my mind to move. I got up, and started to fly upwards. There was a mountain in the distance with some kind of body of water on the side. I tried to float upwards more but accidentally shot so far up I barely saw my little patch of land in the blackness. I realized it was harder to fly down, so instead I just remembered the sensation of falling and made myself fall back down. I stopped in mid air when I was back to my patch of land. I flew over to the mountain. There was a big pool sticking off of the side and a bunch of women were sitting around in it. So I flew up to it and tried to land on the narrow edge without falling in the water. As I tried, the women ooohed and ahhhed at me if I got too close to the water, or just barely missed the edge. It was difficult to resist the urge to use real muscles and only my mind to stick the landing. After trying most sides of the pool I finally landed on an edge without falling in the water. I took my shirt off and realized I also had a hat on. The feeling of this made me start to wake up, and as I got into the pool things were turning black. I decided to grab one of the women next to me and feel her arm. It was totally black now, but I could still feel, so I focused on the arm, and what it would look like, and what the water behind it would look like, and slowly the color came back and form took shape and I was back in the pool with a beautiful woman staring me in the eyes, smiling. At this point, I shouldn't have to say what happened next, other than when the dream reached its climax, I woke up happy.