Date: 5/14/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am in a prison that is made up entirely of stone. I am walking around in the yard with a bunch of other people. I have an old radio in my hand for some reason and some bungee rope. I tie the rope to the radio and then to my belt. I can feel someone watching me. A man suddenly comes up behind me and yanks the radio out of my hands but it bounces back as he tries to run off with it. I start yelling and cursing at him. I run after him and throw the radio at his head. Im angry. I am now in a large shower room. It is just a room full of white tile. No doors or windows and no shower stalls. There are toilets spread out all across the floor. They seem to work but are not connect to anything. Im now sitting on one fully clothed. There is a toilet right in front of me. There is a naked pregnant lady standing on the seat of the toilet. She crouches down.