lotto winner Santa

Date: 6/16/2017

By sabby

We won the lottery and decided to have a big party to celebrate that and our move to Colorado. Rented a huge mansion for the event. Huge place but the toilet wasn't working. never occurs to me there would be more bathrooms in home. Somebody thought We had bought the place. I was nervously trying to get everything ready. People started showing up early and the next morning several were already partying. On gal woke up with her arm all swollen. I go outside to look for the float I'd ordered. I could see it coming a few blocks away. I try to head toward it. Two neighbor kids come up and I say you know what day it is. Sure says the little girl Santa's birthday. Santa? she replies " your Santa". I go back and run into Jera. She has drawn these different pics of me and wrote a poem on a big poster. It makes me teary eyed. Realize how much I'm gonna miss everyone.