Metaphors Galore

Date: 8/15/2017

By Fitful

I'm in a church or maybe it's a class room. There are pews which is why I can't tell which. I am really good friends with this old man, he has stringy white hair coming off his balding head. He is very important to me. In fact several people I'm sitting with are very important to me. They come and go while I sit there. I notice when they don't come back and keep looking for them. ~ I'm on a rooftop looking down over a huge infinity pool. I'm explaining to someone, a man, about almost drowning when I was at a lake near Tahoe. He had said I needed to learn to swim and I was explaining I had known how to, once, but forgot. Then, thinking I knew, I went to a lake and walked off the edge of a shelf into deep water, the water was abiv my head. And while my mother was with me, she didn't have the strength to bring me back up. Its a true story, word for word accurate, but there is a marked difference to when I told him in the dream and when I tell someone in real life. It's the emotion, usually there is remembered fear, anger at my mother, a feeling of betrayal, and a huge yawning fear of water and nothingness beneath me. But in the dream, it was just pleasant words. And explanation, with no emotional connotation whatsoever. ~ I'm in a parking lot getting out of a car with someone. I think i'm with someone. There is a huge balloon thing, like the kind wind rushes through blowing into a caricature. It was a red devil, and it was advertising for the grocery store. I apparently had holy water on me, and I pulled out a hose and sprayed all the area with holy water. All the cars got hit with the water, and the red devil wind balloon waving about. It hissed and fizzled where the holy water splashed against it. ~ I'm attending a school which is serious about learning Latin. Probably a prep school. In this school everyone is reciting Latin all day long, every day. The teachers are set in every corner of the building, and they order "Recite!" if you stop. You are always reciting Latin. The building is mahogany wood everywhere. The library flows into the rest of the building like its the common room. And it annoys some they can't pronounce Latin correctly. They pronounce it like English, and I've been learning the classical pronunciation. ~ I'm in this flat with a Vampire who just turned me. He's laughing his head off at me because it's all a joke, the rumors about blood. Vampires don't crave blood at all. He says it's like sex, it's fun and enlightening, but it's purely recreational. I'm angry because that means there was no reason to turn me at all. ~ I'm living with my parents in Germany, apparently their German, and I keep getting moved around. First I leave home because I can't stand my parents ill treatment; I move in with my best friend. Eventually I have to leave there because of some creepy guy. I move into another friends house and I find myself having to conform a lot. I don't speak German, so I have to rely only on those around me who speak English. And there's an incident when I'm stuck outside a window on the ledge, two stories up. Then my new father, who is also German, asks me to send back the rental car and I can't because I haven't learned German yet. Then there is a rock concert, where he makes a huge scene singing for an audience he invited for something else he's actually pretty good and I help out holding a microphone for him, somehow making it sound loud enough for all the crowd to hear. ~ My mother is shipped to me in a vat of blood. Apparently she was turned into a Vampire too, but it didn't work with her. She is this blonde tall woman. She isn't the mother I remember, but I know she's my mother.