Justin foley

Date: 5/10/2017

By Josh_Harley

So me and Justin foley became best friends because he needed a place to stay so we got a hotel and we smoked a blunt and walked around and talked but I don't remember what we talked about, something big happened and a lot of people started crouding around and I got pushed to the back and he got pushed to the front, eventually I get to the front and he's gone so I leave and go outside and see Justin but I can sense what he's telling me. He has to leave so we shake and hug and he says I'll see you in the after life and I say yeah but you'll see me before that too and we smile and I say see ya man Ily and he goes. Then these two girls were swimming by themselves and they were fine. And I'm up on a balcony and I yell damn I wish I could swim with you guys but I don't have swimming shorts and they said well go find some and one girl stretched her arm superlong to the end of the pool and grabbed a wet towel, so I walk away and think about just swimming in my boxers but I have a boner so I needed to get rid of that first. Then I take my pants off and say this is for Justin.