StandUp Comic

Date: 4/18/2017

By esdot85

I was a stand up comedian, but not for real. I wanted to be one and somehow I got to do a show. My first show. I had a huge audience and the venue sent a train to pick me up. When I arrived I met the point person and was waiting go on name was called but to get on stage I had to go through a bunch of halls and find a specific staircase. Somehow I got a combination of lost and hindered by random occurrences and couldn't make it out. Finally I make it on stage and begin my show. Some people had began to leave it was taking so long but I finally make it and convince them stay and actually begin my routine by telling the audience how terrible my experience has been at this venue. Its going well and then suddenly I make a wrong step and I'm off stage again. l'm transported outside the venue. However, my mic is still working so I'm still talking with the crowd and telling them what's going on. I'm almost back to the stage but first must run through a dark dingy tunnel. I notice a guy running behind me, chasing me. I try to outrun him but he catches me and I see his face. It is all disfigured and diseased and he, having grabbed me, begins to throw up all over me. Then his head falls off. And I wake up.