first dream I remeber having

Date: 11/26/2016

By stefdrms

I am about 24 this is the earliest dream memory I have. I may have been around seven I think maybe for that age it was the scariest dream I've ever had. So I believe I had several dreams that connected to this one but this is the only I remembered until now. I was in a room. A whole room a little dark oval rug on floor coffee table and oak wood tims around it . An old tv and two doors. I was young me as I was then curlied hair cute dress like always. When I walk to the door opens I walk into a room it oval shaped as well and it so white and bright and had small recess lights that were even brighter my eyes hurt going in there it looked so steril. As I walk I see a black round table and I sit at it. As I sit at at the end I noticed black maybe a wall to far to tell. The. I see another small girl. She had her back to me curly hair and wearing a dress also. Sometimes it think maybe it me ? I felt I had to meet with her that's why I was there. So then she turns around. She had a horrible looking face like anything I could ever describe in great detail. T was a massacre it looked like intestines with dry and dress blood and her eyes where just eye balls she looked burned and disgusting I became so frightened. So scared I woke up. I've never forgotten that dream.