Submarine Tunnel Maintenance at Ex-Girlfriend's Parents' Home

Date: 5/19/2017

By brentbrewer

I am at my ex-girlfriend from high school's parents' home. It's a beautiful property high up on the side of a cliff. Where their pool used to be is a stairway leading underground to a small submarine loading bay. My ex-girlfriend and I board the submarine, submerge, and start travelling through a straight and narrow underwater tunnel. We arrive at the end of the tunnel, emerge, exit the submarine, and take the stairs to the surface. At the surface is a shed and her uncle. He looks old and decrepit--the opposite of how he appears in real life. He is upset that my ex's father has stolen his inheritance, citing the submarine as an example of a luxury funded by his brother's unethical behaviour. He says he is trying to find some old keepsakes--for example, family photos--in the shed. I offer to help him. All I am able to find is old, broken and splintered picture frames. I try to piece some together but they just keep falling apart and splintering. We the hear a man outside yelling, asking what we are doing in the shed. It is an old, bearded rough-looking version of my ex's brother. He complains that his uncle is trying to steal his inheritance. I interact with the two of them, acting as a mediator, until they both calm down and reach a mutual understanding. My ex is very pleased with me. Her father then appears and showers me with approval. He indicates that he wants me to marry my ex and that we will inherit everything he has. He then asks if I will help him perform maintenance on the submarine tunnel. I agree. We drain the water from the tunnel and start crawling our way back through the tunnel towards the home, inspecting and making small repairs to the tunnel along the way. As we approach the end of the tunnel, and I see my ex's mother look down with approval. I exit the tunnel and come up the stairs. My ex is there, and she showers me with affection. We are both very excited about our future together. Everything feels like it is as it should be.