Date: 3/6/2017

By gyshgysh

My girlfriend Jihanne took me to pan practice in the loft. I was doing inventory for the pans that we had. I watched her conduct the class for a bit. But I felt uncomfortable. Partly because I was useless after I did inventory and partly because I kept getting these nasty stares from her friend that likes her, who was also sitting beside me. So I left after a while and went to this bakery thing that was somehow a few flights above the loft. It was run by the nuns just like the tea house but it wasn't the tea house: just like a tea house outlet or something. Anyway I asked for a piece of cake but the nun gave me two pieces and two custard eclaires and a few bottles of water all for the price of one piece of cake. After I bought it lunch was over so I went back to class. Jihanne was asking Kimlin to sit in her seat because she couldn't see the board properly but she refused so I told her she could have my seat. Then Jihanne declined my.offer and I got so upset and I practically threw the box of cake at her and told her to help herself (I also remember calling her a fucking asshole).