Date: 1/27/2017

By khentnik

I wake up in a bed, but it's not my home, it's my parents but not the one they live in in real life. I feel panicked. There's banging on a glass patio door below my room. I look out and see two men dressed in black, one in leather coat, with guns attempting to get in the house. I go under the bed and get my own gun and go down stairs, clearing the rooms as I walk. I see my parents who are scared and they tell me not to go after the intruders but I'm pissed off and determined. I go out the back door and they take off. The dream skips ahead . I'm running, exercising, down the street in a neighborhood with nice houses the ground is flat. I notice a car following me. I start to run faster. I'm scared. I try and evade the car and start running between houses and backyards. I run by a gully full of murky water, like what you see on the side of highways, and keep running up a hill. I see the car again and it stops, one man gets out and runs after me. We fall down the hill while attacking each other. We roll into the gully of water and struggle with each other but eventually I put my hands around his neck and hold him underwater until he drowns. Then I just simply walk home.