The holey bra, and claustrophobia

Date: 7/28/2017

By MsBananaNanner

At some point I had decided to cut holes in my bra so my nips stuck out. You could see it through my shirt no matter what I wore and I instantly regretted the decision. (This one made me lol when I woke up!) ... I was staying at this strange house with my mom. When you climbed the stairs to the second floor you had to crawl around a wall onto a balcony because the steps wouldn't connect. The room I was staying in was very tiny, as if it were a storage space in an attic. The door was about the size of a doggy door, and I had a tiny bathroom with a tiny sink that I could barely fit my toothbrush in. I'm not typically claustrophobic, but I was feeling that way trying to get comfortable in this place. I could barely turn around, and had to kink my neck to the side even to sit in my room. I came back after a day of whatever it was we were doing, and found that the owner of the house (I guess it was an air bnb thing?) had come back and had left a bunch of toiletries on my bed as a gift. I wasn't that thrilled, more annoyed that she put deodorant all over my bed. Then the woman tried to come into the room with me and it was so cramped and I couldn't hardly breath. .. There was another dream but I cant quite remember it. I'll add it when it comes back to me.