Was kobold minion/the basement lights broke/abandoned western town

Date: 4/13/2017

By jakevw19

I was in this sort of camp thing where there were awards men and it was like a training thing and they were trying to train us to be assassins. (Time skip) I was trying to play dots with Kian and somebody else but I couldn't see the screen so I went to turn the lights on but it didn't work so I had to go these the light switch but that didn't work, onthen went upstairs but all the lights broke there too and it was terrifying so I tried my best to crawl back into the basement then I slid down the stairs and fiddled with the lights some more. Turn angles and josh came into the basement somehow and josh tried to help me fix it whilst angles watched. Also while we were trying to fix it josh showed me this crazy weird Mario level on the game boy color that apparently was used to test if it was a hacking game boy, after that we tried to do the lights more but that didn't work and eventually dreams switched. There was now like a midevil theme and then I was like a servant for some group of people and commander chacotae from Star Trek was there as well. I wasn't supposed to go into a cave I want I to and apparently I started a dangerous quest and because I was a servant (n also a kobold for some reason) I couldn't really do it but the entrance was blocked off until I eather died or got rid of the snakes. Then scene switched. I went into this door and it was sort of a magic portal thing then I was met by a dark witch (she might have been a scalie or furry or something but I'm not sure, I remember being pretty attracted to her) hen she made me her kobold minion. We went to a big Christmas store where she was trying to get an artifact of some kind and also some neat little Christmas decorations and I was helping her gather the stuff up. Eventually some guy with a shotgun came (he was pretty sure a good guy) and was trying to stop us, she the. Gave me the magic artifact and told me to rush off while she fought the guy. Neither of them could kill each other so the shotgun guy ran after me and shot my legs, I then crawled behind a Christmas tree and then he shot me anyway, the lady killed him and then revived me and we got back to her base then I woke up. Another dream(this one goes first). I was at this sort of camp thing and apparently I was late to it so everyone was gone and it was super dark and I could barely see (or stand, so I had to crawl everywhere but even then I slipped a lot) after scrambling around and trying to not be killed by wild animals (of which there were none) eventually found a barn and went in, it was warm and nice and full of hay light and birds. One tried to escape but I grabbed her and put her back in cus I didn't want them to be mad at me. Then I'm pretty sure dream changed,