Michael Landon, beans and corn..

Date: 5/29/2017

By Smidge_Midge

I was Michael Landon from the show little house on the prairie and everything looked like it was an episode from that show. I was on this wagon cart with other people and they start singing about beans. I start singing about corn and all of a sudden have a bowl full of corn. Everyone gets mad at me and says that this town can only eat and sing about beans so they kicked me out. I walk down the street away from people and come to a different town and you are allowed to eat and sing about corn but not beans. Then the previous towns people show up and they want to have a friendly competition for some reason. We agree and there are numerous amounts of games you'd play at a fair or something like that. The corn town is always losing and the bean town is winning. Everyone later finds out the bean town is cheating.