My first time writing down a dream

Date: 8/15/2017

By Naicker

26/06/16  12pm to 14:30pm SOE Up the road from where I currently live, in the back yard of the place I used to live, was about to crush some weed and then roll a joint, then saw an acquaintance coming there, he said he's there with another friend to do whatever kinda drug they do, oh wait I got paranoid when he asked what I'm doing (I was counting some change I had to go buy the weed (in my head I pictured 204 being around the bend in 118) and then I told him I'm just going home.  Then he asked if I smoked yet, and said they got a small bit weed. I remember feeling slightly bad about that Was walking back towards my house, saw a truck u turning somewhere by my house and then I looked away and looked back and it was a police car, looked away and looked back and it was a police truck! It drove passed me. So there was like this small ground next to where I currently live, big tent and decorations and stuff, looked like an indoor swimming pool in the tent. There different floating water toys and stuff, so I'm standing by Rakesh and I had one of those yellow life size dolphin inflatable. I accidently touched something by its "paw" and it started to rapidly inflate, I thought it's gonna burst but Rakesh seemed confident it won't.  I walked up to a small pool next to the tent and vaguely remember chatting to my sister about how one of the inflatables could walk on its back fins, erect like, and I was doing the same with my inflatable which was now orange and not yellow, now I know I had a dolphin but there was another inflatable there that in my head I acknowledge as a dolphin (but now I can't make the distinction, I remember knowing that both were dolphins but different and both looked similar) the inflatable was laying on the ground and like crawling everywhere, I don't think it was in a humiliating way, then my sister and I tried telling him to walk erect, and I was gonna point at my orange inflatables tail fins to show him how but when I looked down I was pointing at my own blue half human half dolphin feet I remember flashes of different scenes where I was at work and again in that same childhood backyard in the this same dream setting, and although I don't remember physically seeing her, my sister was there was well, like we were talking and stuff, and I think a couple other people, we were talking about these items that we had to collect and bring together, and alota people were looking for it, we had one, and I think we found it in that this same dream but I don't remember those details.  Then we spoke about this chick, like early teens, and I had this feeling that she was like a friend or something. From there I went into a different scene but still on the same topic of the items, it was this chick that gave me that friend feeling, she was at the top of this mountain thingy and there like hundreds of people at the bottom, like making crowd like noises, like a few people tried to get that item but only she managed, the item looked like a white cloth, then I was watching her father close up in the crowd and he was smiling up at her and I knew that he had taught her like skills to get the item, he wanted it, and I knew somehow that he also had a son, then the girl was jumping for joy, still on the mountain thingy, and the floor caved in where she was jumping and she started to fall, and her father  did this sorta magical thing to stop her falling, he raised his hand up, but kept it close to him, and the tips of his fingers lit up, and he brought the fingers together. Similar to how mewtwo controlled the weather.