quick list of places I revisit

Date: 6/9/2017

By shaazaam

the theatre the concert venue the colleges (one is bigger and fancier) downtown bridge area other side of the bridge the "school" The mall that one weird party place by the water(a pier I guess) The water ride that leads to downtown from the outside lots of animals beautiful swamp place "lower decatur" (bar I sometimes work at is here) "awesome richmond" house on the hill "birmingham" district weird new orleans strip club casino district water apartments with all the wood bridges train station downtown weird places the train goes plane that takes you to awesome Richmond jail (literally worst security) any of the big buildings districts penthouse district with the hot tubs and I'm always running campground shopping district bazaar market district (I sometimes sell t shirts at an outdoor shop here) The map, like sometimes I'm just staring at a giant damn map downtown Detroit on my grassy patch Foreign Places tomorrowland (like at Disney world) voodoo district for doing some magic Autumn trees place the shire