Saving Clem

Date: 5/27/2017

By byugancrystal

Itachi, Sasuke and two other akatsuki members were performing with taeyon on stage. Something happened and we had to leave in a rush, some akatsuiki members were supposed stay and some go to defend and fight. As I was running out with deidara and Itachi, I passed sasori, and grabbed him hand, telling him we should go. Then it turned out one of our friends, called Clem (clementine, like the one from the walking dead game) had been kidnapped and was being held hostage. But if we were caught by the man then he'd kill her immediately. Other members were taking out guards silently and like three of us found the place where Clem was being held, but we couldn't see her bc she was so far down and we were at a window. Then a guy, the man who kidnapped her popped his head out of a window not too far down while on the phone. He didn't look our way, but I put my gun up too late, and didn't shoot him. I didn't think he'd keep his head out so long. A guy was about to climb down some metal pipes to Clem but I called him back, I had super powers. I could control electricity. I decided to knock the lights out by over filling them with electric, but first I checked whether it'd actually hurt him and it did. I shot a few electrical pulses down while calling for Clem but nothing happened- Then later, I came across a really bad guy, I thought of him as death, he could take lives as he please, I was intimidated but I had the power to stop him. We were trying to come to an agreement about the killing and saving lives. I said I didn't want to see the loves of innocent women children and men being taken. He laughed menacingly and asked "what about old people?" And I admitted truthfully, that I don't like them, I don't really care for them, but that doesn't mean they should die. I wasn't a hero, I just felt compelled to save people's lives when they were near me. A white man with a briefcase cut through us sheepishly, and Death had a purple thing (like a small cyclone made out of purple water vapour) started to coming out of the ground in the man's direction, and I held the thing in place with my electricity, firmly telling him "Don't". He listened, but he was not happy.