Date: 7/6/2019

By safvy

I dreamt that I was still living with my parents. I always paid my bills on time and rent to them in the awaking life. My dad had came to me and said you know the rent is due and I’m like oh man, I totally forgot! I then sit down, I feel like I remember being around them, but like a I was invisible. I started thinking about my finances and how I didn’t have enough money in my account to pay rent and I’m usually not one to ask for help So I felt extremely embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I never told them that I couldn’t afford to pay the rent though, I just remember crying, and feeling sad about the situation and next thing you know, I wake up balling!! I’m like reallly crying like tears after tears and I had to remind myself that I’m okay, my finances are okay and the universe is going to make sure I’m good, it always does and I never have anything to worry about ever!! I felt better after I reassured myself I have nothing to worry about and the universe is there for Me, then I stopped crying but it was so crazy! I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never experienced any dream like it! I’ve never woke up actually crying before or feeling such intense moments as if that were happening in the awaking life.