White room 1415? 1514?

Date: 6/19/2017

By ModelLaDawn

I was looking for an apartment (been really worried about that lately). I found one or was looking at one in LA. I already had the key. It wasn't on a great side of town. Open mail box type entry (motel style apartments). I checked the mailbox of the room I was interested in (1415 or 1514, something like that). It was empty. Just wore shelves of nothing. Maybe an old piece of paper in top. Anyways, when I finally found the room (in the basement, the apt numbers were all out of wack). The door was already open. White room, 3 beds in size order. I shut the door and locked it. White sheets & comforters. Looked like whoever was there before took off in a hurry. On the largest bed there's was a neat pile of clothing & crap. An old black doll baby on top, the body was pin cushion, but the head was black. She had a dress on. There was a small TV on in the front of the room playing a video talking about why black people had blue eyes & why they are always complimented but no one knows what they really mean. That we have deep souls and see the world differently or some shit. It was a lot of info I'm surprised I remember this much of the dream. What was really intriguing; on one of the beds there was a white dress shirt, black slacks (laid out) and men's dress shoes underneath. I picked up one shoe. I didn't recognize the brand but they were shined & good quality. The clothing looked a little warn. I remember thinking "these sheets need washed", "maybe this stuff is a sign I'm supposed to move here", "how much is the rent again?", "could I invite stephan here, could we have sex on this bed", "wait there's no bathroom? It's community bathrooms?". I grabbed my phone to see how far the ATB was from it. What little I had with me was at a pile in the front of the small room. Couldn't get Uber to come up before I woke up. Thank God.