Date: 1/31/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was on a bus, just like the one I went on to go to the confirmation retreat. I was in the back and Julie and a hot blonde(Sam) were sitting behind me. He was clearly into me and we were hitting it off. The bus was going to a party and we were all so excited. We eventually arrive and I went to Desiree's place to put my party clothes on. (A skirt, A t-shirt tucked in and knee high socks) me Desiree and Sasha went walking around and saw this retro breakfast area. A big group of hot blondes were dancing and being very flirtatious. Then I saw Sam! He winked at me and hung out with me for a while. Later when the party was over his bus to go home came and he left. When I tried snapchatting him he wouldn't answer and my friends all though it was weird that he's ignoring me. I appeared in this room with a bunch of people's shirts off. We were cleaning up after the party and Sam turned into Joseph. Joseph completely ignored me, he barely looked at me when I said hi. He had his shirt off and looked pretty good but I felt bad that he just brushed me off like that. [I think the reason I had this dream was because I have been ignored lately by a lot of close friends and it sucks]