Jennifer Lawrence

Date: 8/22/2017

By ispeakofdreams

I had this dream a couple weeks ago and just remembered it. I was living on this city that I don't know in real life, I had my own flat in this building. I think it was an apartment above a store. It had a nice wooden floor and it was all open and quite hipster like. I was walking around the town and got lost real quick. I think I might have been running away from someone, or I saw something I wasn't supposed to and had to get away? Then I ended up in this giant modern looking mall and had to find my way out but none of the maps of the mall made any sense. I found my way to the side of the mall and they were filming a new Xmen movie. Jennifer Lawrence was dressed as mystique and was climbing the building, hooked up to bungee cords. A train arrived and all these children got out and they got in my way and I had to fight my way through the crowd. I got to meet Jennifer Lawrence tho and she was so chill. I think security got mad at me for talking to her and I had to leave. Ended up back in my apartment and had a party with people from high school that I had forgotten about