Creepy Pennsylvania Dream

Date: 8/13/2017

By Pattye2017

We we're in Pennsylvania staying with Charlie's parents. They were living in an apartment, and we had one above them, and Stacey, Jeremy, etc. had a separate one as did Chris, Christina, etc. In the evening, it was decided that everyone was going to go out for dinner. Having the option to stay in the rooms and get some time to myself, I did so. (Charlie's dad was also staying back in their apartment.) I was in the apartment's bathroom when I heard noises coming from the ceiling. I initially tried to pass the sounds off as nothing, but they continued and were incredibly unnerving. I then got a message on my phone, and upon looking, it was a video of me taken only a few minutes before when I was alone. I grabbed some things in a Meijer bag and ran down to Charlie's dad in his apartment. I begged him to call the police, and while I was there, I received a second message. Again, a video of me, this one even more recent. He felt I was overreacting and would not call the police. Then I began hearing sounds coming from their bathroom and woke up.