A stranger

Date: 6/28/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I was talking to someone I met yesterday by accident on Facebook. she was beautiful and I dreamed about kissing her thin lips and having sex with her. She drove a white convertible BMW and spoke with a German accent. I distinctly remember how it felt different to kiss thin, hard lips and man she felt good. After we finished, she was in the bathroom and I could see that Antoinette was coming to the room and I told her to hide. For some reason, Antoinette was oblivious and her and this stranger were friends. I was scared that Antoinette would find out I cheated on her. It was the 1st time in almost 2 weeks that I didn't dream about my old job at the Cleanery or one of my customers. I also remember riding my bike, but not sure where. Maybe to work, or to her house. I was making a turn and nearly ran headlong into a cactus. The spines stuck to the handle bars and to some gloves that I was wearing. I remember feeling the pain of it. I stopped myself before I ran into it, but there were spines in my gloved hands. after that I was riding through what looked like one of the city Arroyos but there was a brown puddle of water that I was riding through. The water was cold as it splashed on my thighs and butt. And there was music playing in my ears. "you and me and fine wine" the tune was familiar. Four notes, three descending half steps and the final a full step up. da da da DA.