Police Academy

Date: 3/1/2017

By Oxenfree

I was apparently at a police academy and I was in what looked like an airport, but was actually part of the main lobby. I was sitting there and they said then everybody training there had to go investigate a case. We weren't told what the case was but I was still excited all the same. At first they told me I couldn't go because I was a first year, but then they called me back and said I could go. I was the last person to enter the bus and it was three stories. the third story was upside down. The bus driver said that the first years could ride right side up, but only for the first time. He said that the next time the first years had to ride upside down even though there was only three people sitting on the second story. I looked up at the top and started to get really scared because I'm afraid of being upside down. The whole way there I was worried about having the ride upside down on the way back. We eventually made it to our destination and everyone got out of the bus. Once everyone was out the bus driver told us to investigate. We were at a house that was two stories and painted brown. The house was by a swap meet (An outside market usually only open on weekends). I started my investigation near the right side of the house and found nothing. I gave up and went to the swap meet. I found my mom with a stroller at a table that was selling lottery tickets. I watched as a bee flew across the way and sting another lady with a baby stroller. She started fighting with my mom about the bee. My mom kinda ignored her but also fought back, while she continued to look at lottery tickets.