Birth of an Enemy

Date: 4/13/2019

By Siren88

There's this girl in my school that I really don't like, cause she's done a lot of crap to me and my friends, even stealing one of them. The dream begins at my school's gym, and I was with someone I can't remember. There was maybe 3 other people in the gym, and older guy, the girl I don't like, and the friend she stole. The girl I don't like, we'll call her Cat, was on a mat, in labor. Now, she's 15, but I in my dream I wasn't surprised she was pregnant. Me and the other girl were let inside because Cat thought we were cute. We basically watched as she gave birth in like 1 minute. It was weird and I didn't like. After that I had to quickly and carefully wrap the baby in a towel, why me I don't know. I asked if the umbilical cord should be cut and Cat immediately grabbed scissors that weren't around before and cut it herself. The older guy was some doctor or something, he basically yelled no at her as she did, since there's a certain way to do it. She did it anyways, and then he took the baby to fix up the belly button .