Date: 5/29/2017

By JayJayLin

In my dream, I was a prince who was supposed to marry a rude princess. I didn't like her looks or personality, so I stabbed her with a fork and ran away from the castle. I escaped on a path to a huge forest canyon, with guards close behind. Leading the guards was an angry blonde general who was hell-bent on capturing me. Her pride was at stake or something. For some reason, I had to run through a modern amusement park to get to the canyon. Some kid gave me his plastic sword. After running deep into the canyon, I reached a cave and hid there for a while. There were CDs randomly half-buried in the ground everywhere. Suddenly, I sensed a presence right behind me and I froze. It was an assassin sent by the princess's family to kill me. He saw my plastic sword, then doubled over in laughter. He didn't want to kill me anymore because he thought I was pathetic, and he'd already received his paycheck from the family anyway. Later, we went fishing at a nearby creek and became good friends.