Midnight Adventure

Date: 8/21/2017

By Charmmy

part 1 I went to college and Lexi was in my class and at first it was awkward because we had a falling out but we became friends again. It was a pretty normal part of my dream. I don't remember much that happened but I left school once class was over and it was really late at night. part 2 I made it home and stepped outside. For some reason everything turned into a video game. The view was top-down and everything looked Earthbound-ish/Undertail-ish. There was this shadowy figure and I wanted to know what it was up to so I followed him. I was really scared but super curious and for some reason I just had to see what it was doing. I got a little too close and it turned around and it was a middle aged man who was balding, had brown hair, a big Mario nose, small eyes, a mustache and a wife beater on with a briefcase and a small white dog. I startled him and he told me I shouldn't be out so late and I shouldn't be following him. I was explaining why I was out and that I was suspicious that this shadowy figure was roaming around but as I was talking to him, poof! he turns into Santa Claus right in front of my eyes. It was then I understood why I shouldn't have been there. I told him I was leaving so he could do this thing and said good bye to him. I look around and I had no clue where I was. But there was an Ihop right by me. part 3 It was about 2am and my phone wasn't working for some reason to pull up my gps and I felt hungry so I went in. it was crowded so I went to the back to look for a table. The tables that were available were either dirty, next to people I had weird vibes with, or a big table that fits about 8 people. I went to the front and there was a corner table right in front of these 2 guys that was in the table in front of it sitting in the chairs that faced it. They were laughing and goofing around and doing their own thing so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal if I sat there. I ordered my food and ate and did some homework. These guys started to look at me and talk to each other and laugh and I tried to ignore it. Then the one with black hair gets up and shows me this note he wrote. He was shaking and I couldn't read what it said but it had "masturbate" in it and I got a little pissed off and while he looked nervous, they were laughing. Clearly he meant me to do something sexual to him so I got really offended but I played it off cool. Then they said "We know you like us. You wouldnt be sitting there if you didn't." and I explained that it wasn't like that and that table I was at was the only one available. Then I started to laugh at them. The one that was holding the note looked a little sad but played it off as a joke. They started talking to me and I realized that they were douche bags but honestly they were kinda cute so I kept talking. We all left at the same time and I told them I was walking home and they told me I shouldn't be alone this time of night so they were walking me home. I was scared what Ian, my husband, might have thought seeing me with these 2 guys but honestly it was innocent so I didn't think it was that bad plus he would want me to be safe. I asked them what their Insta was and they had an account together which I thought was weird. I told them we were in a pretty safe neighborhood so I could walk alone and thanked them for walking me this far. For some reason at this moment a friend was with me and let me know that I followed them on the wrong Insta and I turned around to ask what theirs was again so I could switch onto my main account and follow them again. They laughed and gave it to me again. I turned around to continue walking home and I notice that they were live on Insta and they had a huge following. I started watching and they were talking about me half-joking saying how they think I'm weird and that they thought I was a witch and they were careful so I wouldn't put a hex on them and I was cute so it wasn't hard for them to be nice to me. It made me a little mad but I already knew they were douche bags so I calmed down. I fell into a puddle and looked up and saw a crab that was normal at fist but when it saw me it's face turned blue and almost bug like and had a really scary face and soon after, more crabs came out and did the same thing. The friend with me told me they were called "flirting crabs" and when they see a good looking person they made that face. That was the end of my dream.