Date: 7/30/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

I don't remember if this dream was lucid or not. I also don't remember any of the other dreams before this. But at some point I realized I could fly. I was on the front door of my house and put my hand up like superman and started to float up. But I could only get up about 20ft. It was like I really had to concentrate on going up to go any higher. Otherwise I would fall back down. I woke up and then went back to sleep and continued the same dream (I'm really good at this) and tried to get even higher. It was very difficult to fly and I could only get as high as the tree in my front yard is (about 50ft). I also just remembered another part as I'm writing this. I also saw like a Lego plane flying slowly at about 100 ft up and tried to fly to it. It was super hard to get that high and I had to really believe I could do it. Then I tried to land on top of the plane and that's all I remember right now. I'm sure if I was lucid I could have flown to the moon if I wanted